Our company cooperates with the largest and most reliable electrical equipment companies.

In our long course we have attended seminars and we are certified installers of the most reliable companies such as:




  • AMP

  • R&M




The staff of our company is fully trained and specialized so we are able to undertake electrical projects of high demands regardless of size and complexity.

Our company implements the standard ISO 9001: 2015 in order to improve the way we operate with the ultimate goal of best possible service and our customer satisfaction.


Our company E.ILE aims at the continuous update, training and harmonization of our staff with new technologies, so we regularly attend seminars that increase our knowledge and our professional skills.

Browse some of the seminars we’ve attended:

  • Photovoltaic Seminars (Study-Installation-Inspection-Certification)

  • Seminars on the HOS HD 384 standard (Requirements for Electrical Installations)

  • Lighting Seminar (Study-Lighting Installation)

  • Seminar on protection – control – Management of medium voltage substations

  • Seminar on Grounding Systems – Lightning Protection – Overvoltage Protection.

  • Material seminars for Built-in wiring PANDUIT, BRAND REX, AMP, CENTRAL.

  • ABB Materials Monitoring Seminar

  • SCHNEIDER Materials Monitoring Seminar

  • PANDUIT seminar “The nature of Transformation” that covered the following topics:

    • Panduit’s Unified Natural Infrastructure Strategy in Datacenters and modern buildings.
    • Copper Cat6A, Fiber OM4, HSDT Solutions, Copper & Fiber Cables
    • Cabinets, Wyr Grid, Cool Boots, Fiber Runner, Cable Management Solutions, Containement System
    • Panduit Professional Services
    • Cabinets, PDUs, Environmental Control, PIM Software, PVIQ
    • Panduit Grounding Solutions, Labelling, Accessories & Solutions for Photovoltaic Systems
    • Panduit Partner Programs & Portal-Panduit Training Programs