Our company applies structured Wiring.

The company E.ILE has been active in the structured Wiring facilities since 1994 and guarantees the proper and perfect installation and operation of the networks it undertakes.

Our staff consists of experienced electrical engineers and facility electricians, who study your facilities and implement the structured wiring system based on the needs of your place.

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The meaning of structured Wiring

All wiring involves exchanging data, signals, and communications control over a single fixed wiring system. This means that all wiring, including network, telephone, video, audio, security, heating and cooling control, lighting, and any other system, is programmed, installed, and configured as a single system, the structured Wiring.

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What we provide

We work in accordance with international standards (such as EIA / TIA 568 B1, B2, B3, ISO 11801, TIA 569, etc.) and have installation certifications as a company, from leading companies such as Panduit, Legrand, Brand-Rex, R&M , AMP, Central, CommScope etc.

We use materials of excellent quality, so as to ensure maximum reliability and functionality of the networks which installation we undertake.

Our company has state-of-the-art control and certification bodies from leading companies (such as Fluke DSX-5000 INTL), which ensure the accuracy of the measurements, as well as the continuous and efficient operation of your network.

Vertical wiring diagram (Distributor or Backbone interface).

Our company delivers a complete envelope, which includes the study, design and respective certifications of your network.


Delivery of structured Wiring Network.Central horizontal wiring diagram.Imprint and termination plan of patch panels on the rack of horizontal and vertical wiring. 

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