Our company installs Lighting systems.

E.ILE undertakes the study and installation of Lighting for each space of your facilities separately. Our goal is to offer all the possible solutions that architectural lighting gives us, in order to improve the operation of a space, intensifying the clarity of the environment for each user. When studying architectural lighting, we determine the appropriate number and the correct placement of lighting fixtures for maximum performance.

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In general, the lighting of a space varies depending on the type of work we are going to perform in each space. Many times, in addition to the general lighting of a space, it is required (for various reasons) in some places to have more intense lighting. This is achieved by the use of additional lighting fixtures, with the only purpose of highlighting a surface. There are two common types of lighting:

  • General lighting.

  • Local lighting.

In order to study lighting in an interior of a building, we need to know one of the following elements:

  • Type of lighting,

  • Type of luminaires,

  • Illuminated surface tension.

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Why a properly placed Lighting is essential

Lighting plays a major role in highlighting volumes and colors, but also in creating a pleasant atmosphere in an environment. With the right lighting in a space we can highlight some points, so that they look even more beautiful and of course give another atmosphere.

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