Our company undertakes the installation of substations.

E.ILE undertakes the installation of Substations, for each building or space of special use, where it is going to be connected to the wider network of medium voltage (MT) of PPC.

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In order to install a voltage reduction substation, there must be provision and creation of appropriate spaces for the installation of the various machines, such as:

  • Medium Voltage Switches (MT),

  • Transformers (M / S),

  • Medium voltage distribution (XT).

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Useful tips during installation

The space in which the machinery of PPC is intended to be installed. (entrance hive, exit hive, protection hive and measuring hive), must be properly designed and constructed, according to the technical instructions and the standards of PPC.

In private areas intended for the installation of machinery (distribution boards, transformers, etc.), it is deemed necessary, in case of emergency, to provide easy access to technicians, as well as the possibility of access to machinery, if deemed necessary.

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