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The Technical Company of Electrical and Telecommunication Projects E.ILE was founded by Mr. Efstathiou Georgios, an electrical engineer with many years of experience on the field. We undertake all kinds of electrical installations, such as buildings, offices, shops, commercial and industrial buildings, theaters and cinemas, hotels, etc. In addition to construction, we also undertake the technical support, supervision and maintenance of our projects. The real interest in the needs of our customers and the consistency that characterizes us, have led us to the maintenance of a large clientele.

E.ILE maintains permanent collaboration with large construction and contractor companies, ensuring through this, a continuous and dynamic development in the field of installation. It is also registered in the Register of Contracting Companies (R.o.C.) for the execution of A’ class electromechanical projects. Therefore, we can undertake all kinds of electrical installations in both the private and public sectors.

Our company’s field of action includes the following areas of operation:

Electrical Strong
current Installations

Electrical Weak
current Installations

Human resources

A valuable asset for the successful course and development of any business is its human resources. In our company we invest to this asset by providing our employees with a humane and safe working environment.

Due to the constant evolution of the technological field, we cater for the systematic update and training of our staff, which consists of graduate electrical and installation technicians.

Our people are constantly being trained on topics as:

  • New technologies and products in the field of electricity

  • Inspection and certification of electrical installations,

  • Safety of electrical installations, risk factors and ways to avoid accidents.

The staff of our company consists of people with high knowledge, long experience, dynamism and enthusiasm for work. Our company encourages the spirit of cooperation and solidarity between employees and the personal development of each one.

In this way we ensure quality and reliable services to our customers.


Our company attaches great importance into providing quality services to our customers. We have many years of experience in the studying, supervising and elaborating, electromechanical projects, resulting in establishing relationships of trust with our customers.

The quality we offer is evident from our projects, but it is important to mention the advantages that determine the relationship with our customers over the years.

Each of our projects always begins accordingly to the following steps:

Our company E.ILE takes care daily for the safety and health of our employees. In all our projects we provide supervision of the works by a Graduate Electrical Engineer as well as a Safety Technician, ensuring

  • Continuous supervision for the safety of facilities and construction sites.

  • Strict observance of all safety measures (all employees wear helmets, safety shoes, gloves, reflective vest, etc.).

  • Accident prevention measures.

Another important asset for our company is the respect for the environment, so we ensure:

  • We provide environmental education to our employees.

  • Daily clean of the workplaces.

  • Recycling materials such as lamps, batteries, copper.

  • The supply and use of recyclable materials.

The goal for all our employees is to continuously educate in technologies of their field. Respecting the increased demands of the time, we were led to the acquisition of a pioneering know-how which in combination with the reliability, we provide complete solutions in every project.

Why choose us

The constant updates in the development of our work enables us to adapt to the needs of the customer and always with the aim of honesty, consistency and responsibility.

Our company aims to maintain the high level services it offers as well as to develop its activities throughout Greece, constantly investing in human resources and mainly in technical means, such as advanced measuring and certification instruments.

We are a constantly growing company with a lot of enthusiasm for work and vision. Our company is also registered in the Register of Contractors (R.o.C.) for the execution of ‘A class electromechanical projects.

Therefore, we can undertake private and public sector projects.

Partners we Trust

Throughout our many years of experience and presence in the field of electrical installations, we have developed a wide network of partners, which provides us the ability to cope with any needs required by the work we undertake.