Our company installs Fire detection systems.

All the products we use are of top quality and suitable for any space, always following European and international standards.

Our staff has many years of experience in installing Fire Distribution Systems, thus ensuring the best possible protection of your business in case of fire.

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E.ILE has the necessary experience having undertaken the installation of Fire Distribution Systems in various areas, such as:

  • Mobile Phones Stores (Oteshop, Wind etc.),

  • Mall

  • Office buildings,

  • Industrial buildings (explosion-proof installations),

  • Hotels,

  • Hospitals,

  • Parking lots,

  • Entertainment and dining areas.

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Why is a Fire Detection System Necessary?

Fire detection systems are necessary to protect buildings and people from a possible fire. The occurrence of a fire, although not so common anymore but still posible, is something that should worry every professional.

A fire can be caused by a wide variety of factors and spread very fast. Proper installation of fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, based on studies, ensure the proper and healthy operation of a business, without surprises.

Our company ensures the use of excellent quality materials during the installation of fire detection systems and always at the best market prices, while having all the necessary warranties.

A Fire Detection system (Fire Alarm) can be combined for complete security with one or all of the following systems:

Alarm systems
(Intrusion Alarm)

Access Control Point

Closed circuit CCTV TV

Strong Current

Weak Current