Our company designs and installs building grounding installations.

E.ILE undertakes all types of grounding installations in industries, buildings, storage tanks for liquefied petroleum gas stations (oil, gasoline), substations and photovoltaic parks.

Our company undertakes the study and installation of fundamental groundings, which are placed in the foundations of each building, at the beginning of the construction work. We offer high quality and guarantee in our work, always according to the standards ELOT HD384 and ELOT HD60364-5-54.


”Grounding” reffers to the path of the electric current, through guided frames to the earth. This avoids the possibility of electric shock from users in the case of a leak, as the current is directed through the metal parts of the building or through the earthing conductor, without the risk of penetrating  any human body.

Each grounding is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • The purpose for grounding installation,

  • the grounding resistance,

  • the construction method (The construction method depends on the soil, the existing means of installation and the purpose it is going to serve).

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Complete protection

In addition, and in combination with the above, we offer lightning protection installation services in buildings, installing lightning rods, which are one of the most important security and lightning protection solutions.

Our company undertakes the study and installation of lightning equipment, always selecting the best and most reliable materials on the market, in order to protect building installations, electronic equipment and people, from the surges that can be caused by a lightning strike.

The solutions we suggest are based on the experience we have gained through many earthing installations that we have undertaken with the elaboration of a relevant study and its application in its entirety.

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