Our company installs CCTV Monitoring Systems

The need for security is not limited to the use of an alarm system. A modern and effective method of protection, which is increasingly in demand by our customers, is the CCTV Monitoring System (Closed TV Circuit).

By CCTV Monitoring System, is meant the use of a camera to transmit the video signal to a monitor, which is located in a safe place with limited accessibility.

monitoring systems cctv

The constant increase of business-related crimes is a serious threat to the loss of valuable assets and business productivity levels. The CCTV Closed TV Circuit provides cost-effective security solutions, and its installation is done according to the needs of the size and type of a business. Monitoring solutions also provide a business with the oversight of its staff and encourage them to achieve higher levels of workforce efficiency.


  • High resolution cameras, Fixed and Rotating, Mega Pixel IP, indoor and outdoor.

  • Digital image management and recording systems.

  • Digital image analysis systems (video analytics).


  • Perimeter protection using video analytics,

  • Connect and use with People Counting,

  • Connection to Central Station,

  • ADSL connection.

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Each project requires its own specialist

Our company is experienced in the installation of CCTV systems, emphasizing in area calculations, the necessary wiring, installation and planning for its proper operation.

Such an installation requires experienced and specialized technical staff, having the ability to select the right points for the installation of the equipment, in order to achieve continuous and efficient supervision of your space.

E.ILE has installed monitoring systems, using equipment from leading manufacturers that have international certification, in banks, stores, industries, offices, etc.

A Closed Circuit TV system can be combined with one or all of the following systems for complete security:

Alarm systems
(Intrusion Alarm)

Access Control Point

Fire detection
(Fire Alarm)

Strong Current

Weak Current