Our company installs Intrusion Alarm Systems.

E.ILE undertakes the study, the installation of the proper wiring and the supply of all the Alarm Systems (Intrusion Alarm), which are required for any professional space.

Our technical department proposes complete solutions in security systems with functionality, reliability and excellent aesthetic result.

We work with the most reputable security system companies in the field, such as DSC, JVC, BOSCH, AXIS Communication, Honeywell, Kantech, etc.

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Alarm Types:

  • Wired

  • Wireless

  • Hybrid


  • Perimeter protection using Beams, headphone cable or Fiber Optic

  • Display location of alarms on a screen using a map

  • Connection to central station

  • Connect to GSM

  • ADSL connection

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How an Intrusion Alarm Works

The Intrusion Alarm System is a system designed to detect illegal entry into a building and / or space. It consists of a series of sensors mounted in such a way as to cover as much as possible the entry points, a control panel, an alarm system, as well as the necessary interfaces.

Sensors detect intruders in many ways, such as by monitoring doors and windows through the use of magnetic contacts, by installing infrared motion detectors, heat, electric or magnetic fields and microwaves.

An Intrusion Alarm System can be combined with one or all of the following systems for complete security:

Fire detection
(Fire Alarm)

Access Control Point

Closed circuit

Strong Current

Weak Current