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E.ILE undertakes the study, creation and installation of Computer room / Data Center, according to the respective needs of each company. This is a very demanding job, as it is the core of the computerization and information of every modern business.

Our company has extensive experience in installing Computer Rooms or Data Centers, offering reliable solutions in every field of action, ensuring absolute protection and smooth operation of your information systems.

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A Computer room is essentially the central and protected space, which includes one or more building distributors (RACKS). The distributor is the link between the vertical and the horizontal network. The core of a network’s infrastructure, the distributor, guarantees the efficient and durable installation. The Computer Room is the starting point of an installation and is necessary to create an environment suitable for the neuralgic center of the network. This protected area, in addition to the passive equipment, also contains the active one.

The design of a Computer Room should be based on the following parameters:

  • Depending on the surface covered,

  • Depending on the users’ needs

  • Depending on the required equipment,

  • Depending on the future needs of the users and the required reserves

  • Depending on the needs of the installation and maintenance manager (IT Manager),

  • Depending on the size of the racks, electrical panels and more.

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A Computer Room must meet the requirements of maximum security, efficient use of resources, high availability and the ability to easily upgrade and manage its system.

At the same time, it should be able to deal with natural hazards, such as fires and situations in which its smooth operation is prevented due to external factors, such as power outages.

Collectively, a Computer Room should cover all the requirements arising from the relevant studies and will be implemented by each researcher.

In order to have a functional and even Computer Room you need the following:

  • Notification system, in case of temperature rise, beyond the permitted limits.

  • Installation of suitable and sufficient air conditioning, to ensure the maintenance of the necessary temperature in the space of a Computer Room.

  • Fire detection system for early warning, in case of fire.

  • Automatic fire extinguishing system, with a special design for predicting a reduction in the minimum damage of the equipment of the Computer Room, in case of its activation.

  • Additional fire extinguishing measures with the installation of portable fire extinguishers, in immediately accessible points.

  • Proper connection of the UPS, for the correct normalization of the voltage and the safe closing of the devices, which will protect the whole, the proposed equipment of a Computer Room.

  • Installation of false floor & false ceiling, to hide the cables.

The construction materials of a Computer Room should be fireproof, with a high degree of fire resistance. It is also necessary to place exit signs, panic bars on the exit doors and safety lights.

All installation studies for a Computer Room should include:

The control-supervision system includes:

  • The temperature sensor,

  • The relative humidity sensor,

  • The leak detector,

  • The ability to report a period of pilot operation able(errors, events and corrective actions),

  • The ability to report control results.

The control-supervision system should also have the following interfaces:

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Legrand’s IDE Guide.

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