Our company installs Access Control systems

E.ILE has many years of experience in installing Access Control Systems in: offices, industries, hotels and buildings in general, where it is considered necessary to increase security, through the direct monitoring of people who want to enter or to leave the building.

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Accessing an area can be controlled with appropriate systems, such as card readers, door electromagnets, electronic locks, etc. There is also the capability of displaying messages on a screen using software and a map.

Access Control Systems fall into three categories:

  • Stand Alone.

  • One User.

  • Multi Users.

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What an Access Control System offers

Security continues to be a growing concern for businesses and professionals in every field. It ensures that employees, equipment and “sensitive” information remain secure and are always a top priority. Businesses around the world are always looking for new technologies to help protect their private information.

Access Control systems have proven to be extremely effective security tools. With Access Control systems, companies know the exact time of day that employees and visitors entered or left their premises. This helps owners in case of possible security issues, disagreements and / or breaches of data and information. In case of an emergency, an Access Control system can also very easily lock all exits (so-called lock-down) and prohibit entry / exit throughout the building.

An Access Control system can be combined for complete security with one or all of the following systems:

Alarm systems
(Intrusion Alarm)

Fire detection
(Fire Alarm)

Closed circuit

Strong Current

Weak Current