Our company installs Electrical Production Pairs.

E.ILE undertakes the electrical installation of power generation pairs (P / P). In many building installations, it is considered necessary to install electric generating pairs, in order to achieve the uninterrupted operation of the power. The generating pairs are accompanied by monitoring and controlling instruments, as well as fault indicators.

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Depending on their size and destination, power pairs can be accompanied by control panels, automatic switching panels, parallel and synchronization panels.

P/P Three-phase power supply.

The actual power is given by the formula P = Yp Χ Χ Ιl Χ V3 Χ cosφ (ΚW), where Yp: polarity of network 380V and Ιl: Phase line current.

P/P Single phase

The actual power is given by the formula P = Υph Χ Ιp Χ cosφ (KW), where Υph: phasing network voltage 220V.

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